Gestalt therapy for healing

Who I Am

I have been working as a Gestalt counsellor/psychotherapist since 1988 when I finished basic training in Scotland.

I worked for many years in the NHS as a respiratory physiologist and later in GP surgeries as a counsellor where I became skilled at working in a solution-focused way with health-related problems.

I used this skill in becoming staff counsellor for Edinburgh District Council and the University of Edinburgh.  

I have worked privately as a psychotherapist since 1995 when I became accredited with COSCA, the Scottish equivalent of BACP.

I was one of the founding members of the Edinburgh Gestalt Institute where I practiced and worked as a trainer and supervisor of Gestalt therapists.  

After seeing through two cohorts of students in a 4 year training programme for Psychotherapists I decide to move back to my roots in the south of England.

I currently practice in Salisbury and London.

I also have some trained in the Barbara Brennan method of energy healing

with Helen Stott.